Animated characters, if created innovatively become quite memorable and gradually enter our culture too, for instance, the characters of Simpsons and Mickey Mouse. Creating a unique character is a powerful way to make your work memorable. However, creating good and memorable characters is not easy.

At CGMA, we provide top-class character design classes where our focus is completely on exploring the various important aspects that go into designing characters for animation. We provide you with a better understanding of the drawing and design process and give you the tools that will constantly improve your skills. It is an eight week course that will build your confidence in drawing while inspiring you with new ideas that will continuously help you grow.

These character design classes will be given by one of the most renowned Feature Animation Character Designer / Art Director Nate Wragg. He is one of the primary character designers on the Pixar Feature Toy Story 3. In the complete course, he will particularly focus on shape language, design silhouettes, character line ups, character faces, character story moment, matching a style, animal design, and character turn around. The students will be made proficient in all these areas of character designing by getting the assignments done from them in each of these areas. CGMA also offers Fundamentals for Character Design class by Art Director David Colman and a Character and Creature Design class by Visual Artist Eric Ryan.

However, CGMA online digital art school, a leading provider of online digital art education, offers courses into almost every form of art. Through our CG Master Classes, and inexpensive Master Workshops, we provide comprehensive instruction for Concept Art, Illustration, and Entertainment Design. Digital imaging software, color theory, traditional drawing, and digital illustration techniques are all explored in our several programs at Computer Graphics Master Academy.

We, with our world-class courses and highly qualified and experienced staff, aim to help artists from all over the world to develop and cultivate their talents with the best possible training. Also, we help artists in remaining up-to-date with the fast changing techniques and trends of the field.

So, do not waste time thinking. Enroll yourself in CGMA and become a better artist! For more information, log on to