Digital Painting

Digital Painting

  • Price: $699 | Pay with installments.
  • Pre-Reqs: Fundamentals of Design or good drawing foundation.
  • Materials: Photoshop (any), Wacom tablet or equivalent

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to digital painting and color composition for film and animation. With an emphasis on studying the works of old masters, students will discover the process of how to deconstruct the picture plane through film studies, reproductions of master works, and the widely used- but often understated -industry standard technique of 'Photobashing'. Course work will cover color theory, perspective, and the use of brushes & textures in Photoshop (this includes: creating images of characters, props, or vehicles using photo overlays in Photoshop).

  • Week 1:Introduction to Photoshop and Film Studies: Film composition for drama and story, understanding cinematic lighting and composition. 
  • Week 2:Photoshop Brushes and Textures: Interpretations of photographic reference of a variation of textures to develop an understanding of what elements make up specific textures as well as to continue to develop an understanding of Photoshop brushes.
  • Week 3:Values: Use of values to create order and structure in a painting. Limited black and white thumbnail values studies referencing master paintings, film compositions and from imagination.
  • Week 4:Master Copies and use of Color for creating a composition and a focal point.
  • Week 5:Color and Lighting for drama and story (cinematic and old masters).
  • Week 6:Finishing a Painting: Techniques to finish and refine a painting with examples shown.
  • Week 7:Lighting Scenarios: Color and light during different times of day and how it affects surfaces and creates different moods. Techniques for creating these lighting effects.
  • Week 8:Photobashing: Incorporating photos as part of the process of image creating.

Feb. 10th, 2017 - Apr. 7th, 2017 + 2 weeks for content review

Tyler Edlin has been working professionally for 7 years bringing his passion to commercial products such Fall From Heaven and the Therion Saga as well as Tinkerbells Fairies Chivalry: Medieval Warefare. Tyler has worked with studios including Disney Interactive, Hitpoint Studios, Paizo Publishing, StarDock Industries, and more.

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