Storyboarding for Animation

Storyboarding for Animation

  • Price: $699 | Pay with installments.
  • Pre-Reqs: Analytical Figure Drawing and Environment Sketching or Good Drawing Foundations with a stress on character and environment sketching
  • Materials: Photoshop (any), wacom tablet or equivalent

Course Description:

This class covers techniques for visual storytelling, methods and exercises to help students generate ideas and learn tips and tricks used in story boarding. In this class, students will build a starter portfolio for story boarding and learn the basics for creating their own stories.

  • Week 1:Creating a career path. Finding ideas and sources for stories. Developing quick gestural sketching habits and research. Demonstration of some quick sketch drawing tips.
  • Week 2:Creating Storytelling images. Working with single images to tell stories and do gag drawings. Thoughts and exercises for comedy.
  • Week 3:Industry story boarding process, covering script, beat boards, and building a story reel. Basic movie structure analysis.
  • Week 4:Nuts and bolts for drawing story boards. Line quality, composition, value as they pertain to to story boarding.
  • Week 5:Structuring a scene. Talk about breaking down script pages, finding ways to have progression and punctuation in a sequence. Demonstration of how to board a scene.
  • Week 6:Story boarding using photoshop. A useful overview of the program and the various tools used in the industry. Demonstration of some common feature animation story boarding techniques and ways to work faster.
  • Week 7:Storyboard theory odds and ends. Story telling approaches and visual tools.
  • Week 8:Story portfolios. Finding and exploiting your strengths, and other things you can do to give yourself an advantage in finding work. 

Feb. 4th, 2017 - Apr. 2nd, 2017 + 2 weeks for content review

Eugene Huang is currently a freelance artist/designer, who enjoys drawing all things. By day, he draws storyboard and designs characters for TV, games, and animation industries . By night, he is either working on his personal projects or creating designs for the Valve Store (Team Fortress 2). He graduated from Art Center College of Design, Entertainment Art. He currently lives in The Greater Los Angeles area.

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