Movies, video games, and even comic books start as simple ideas scribbled on napkins. These ideas take a proper shape in the form of images only through the medium of concept design art.

Concept design art is actually a form of illustration where a visual representation of a design or an idea is made to be used in films, video games, animation and comic books. It is a perfect course for all those who wish to show their creativity and leave their marks in the field of animation.

Seeing the increasing demand of concept design courses from students’ end, a number of concept design art schools have emerged, which provides training in concept design art through the useful medium of online art education. These schools are the best medium to get some guidance while you peep into your mind and take out some creative concept to be used later in a movie or comic. These schools provide online tutorials for all levels of concept artists from beginners just starting out to the more advanced users looking to refine their skills.

These schools ensure that you have up-to-date knowledge of computer illustration software packages, e.g., Photoshop and/or Painter. They also make sure that you are conversant with film imagery and have a good understanding of what Directors, Directors of Photography and Editors require from a scene. Not only this, under the continuous guidance of these concept art schools your various skills, such as, illustration skills, communication skills, skill of interpreting other people’s ideas and ability to work in a team get sharpened majorly.

However, not all concept design art schools provide what you desire. The need is there to choose a school, which provides you the best online art education in the form of the best concept design art courses.

CGMA 2D Academy through its valuable concept design art courses provides the opportunity for students to explore illustration and digital techniques for use in movies, video games and other design applications.

We take exclusive training series in which we take in-depth looks at specific subject matters in concept art. For more information on our courses; contact us now at