The field of art is completely diverse and enables people to get success in various different areas such as sketching, painting, designing and many more.

These days several art courses and programs are available, ranging from Bachelor's degree to Master's degree. However, the popularity of online art classes is on a rise all over the place. This is because studying online allows you to balance your course work with career, family, and other responsibilities. It also allows accessibility to great artists.

CGMA offers a wealth of creative opportunities for artist of all types, and all levels. We provide world-class online art classes where you will find information-rich art instruction presented in the simple, step-by-step format. Our classes teach you the skills and techniques used by professional artists and designers, skills which can help you make the most of your creative abilities.

Each online art course is specially designed for home study, allowing students to work at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. All of our tutors are talented painters and illustrators, active and successful with formal teaching qualifications. They have years of experience, and have worked for most major studios (companies such as Disney, Blizzard, DreamWorks, and Pixar- to name a few).

Other than online art classes, CGMA also provides excellent online 2D programs. Our 2D Foundation and Environment programs are designed to prepare inspired and creative individuals for a career in entertainment design or furthering their educational pursuits. Our program includes many essential topics such as, Perspective and Composition, Dynamic Sketching, Figure Drawing, Environment Design and Color Theory for Entertainment Design. These topics help students to polish their skills and apply them in a completely innovative way.

Our team has been carefully chosen for this program because of the sympathetic and supportive way they relate to their students. They are chosen for their knowledge, enthusiasm, humor and desire to pass on their experience to others. Also, it is worth to note that all the tutors have many years of experience in their respective fields.

To conclude, at CGMA, our goal is simple, that is, to provide students with an affordable, online, interactive learning environment. Thus, we assure you of providing both of these spectacular courses at a nominal pay.

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