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Acting for Visual Storytellers

A 5 week course where students will learn simple acting techniques to better communicate character actions and emotions

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Get into character

Acting for Visual Storytellers takes a detailed look at how every choice an artist makes is an opportunity to tell a story. Whether working in story, layout or animation, it’s helpful for every artist to understand the vocabulary and skills used by actors for preparation, script analysis, character development and more. Students will examine film and television clips and learn a variety of simple, effective and immediately usable acting tools and techniques. Taught in a fun and safe atmosphere, this class also gives students the chance to experiment with performing and shooting their own reference with feedback from the instructor. No acting experience is necessary, and scenes will be provided.


Course Format:   Live
Lecture Type:   Live (recorded sessions)
Feedback:   Live
Duration:   5 Weeks
Assignment:   Deadlines each week
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   Handouts will be provided. Students should have the ability to record and upload videos of themselves acting out short scenes with minimal dialogue.
Skills level:   All Levels
Prerequisites:   An understanding of basic animation vocabulary. The ability to record and upload videos of themselves acting out short scenes with minimal dialogue.

Acting for Visual Storytellers WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

The more you know, the better.

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MULTI-PART LECTURE W/ CLIPS: Intro to Acting • Basic acting theory & vocabulary, Uta Hagen basics (Including her Six Questions), Objectives & Actions IN-CLASS EXERCISE: Workshop a simple scene with a scene partner using objectives & actions
MULTI-PART LECTURE W/ CLIPS: How to improve movement choices • How to use Animals as Reference • Body Leads • Laban Movement Analysis IN-CLASS EXERCISE: Group and individual exercises focusing on Laban, Leads & Animals as reference
MULTI-PART LECTURE W/ CLIPS: Making Motivated Choices • Intro to Story Structure (The Story Circle, The Hero’s Journey) IN-CLASS EXERCISE: Analyze story structure of short two-minute film as a group ADDITIONAL LECTURE W/ CLIPS: Visual Storytelling
MULTI-PART LECTURE W/ CLIPS: Character Obstacles SEVERAL IN-CLASS EXERCISES: Perform scenario with obstacles (side-coached) • Perform scenes (side-coached) ADDITIONAL LECTURE W/ CLIPS: Character Obstacles, pt. 2
PRESENT & REVIEW: Putting it all together • Go over assignments from Week #4

Unleashing your creative potential

Allen Simpson is an acting coach and visual consultant for film, television and video games. He’s currently working for DreamWorks as a consultant on the animated film The Bad Guys (2021). In addition to consulting and coaching, Allen is also a composer and songwriter. He’s written songs and voice-directed for The Simpsons and voice-directed for Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones and more. Allen has worked with Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Disney, The Third Floor, Cinesite, Telltale Games, CTN, LAAFA, Chapman University, The Animation Collaborative, California College of the Arts and more.


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