Derick Tsai

Derick Tsai

Creative Director

Derick Tsai graduated from UCLA with a degree in Design/Media Arts and also holds a BS in Entertainment/Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design. In 2006 he started Magnus Rex, an independent creative agency that  develops content for film, TV, gaming and digital. As creative director he has assembled teams to collaborate with clients such as Marvel, Android, Nike, The History Channel and Disney. 

In 2013 Magnus Rex debuted RE:INVENT, an original book about career reinvention at San Diego Comic Con. That project subsequently led to Derick giving a TEDxYouth Talk titled The Fruits of Adversity to 30,000 high school students on Livestream. Derick has written for and been featured in many industry and mainstream media outlets including Spectrum, Imagine FX, Kotaku and CNN.

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