2020 | Winter Registration now Open!

Registration for our 2020 Winter Term is now open!


Get the skillset you'll need to launch a new career.



Registration policies

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To enroll for our classes, simply wait for our registration periods. Once you purchase a class, you will officially be a student of CGMA. You can only sign up during the registration periods and your account becomes active only after your completed purchase of a class.

You can check out our current roster of courses here: https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses

Please note: Registration dates are stated on our calendar so be sure you are in a registration period before attempting to enroll. Otherwise you will have to wait for the next available term as stated on the calendar.

Please submit your portfolio by completing the Portfolio Review Request form on any course page of the CGMA website. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response to your portfolio review request (excludes weekends and holidays).

Course prices range from $599 to $998. Please refer to the course pages for specific pricing information.

We offer promotional discounts for those who purchase 2 or more. 2 classes give you a savings of $50.00 USD and 3 or more give you a savings of $75.00 USD.

Be sure to have these classes present in your cart at time of checkout so the promotion properly applies itself!

We also offer to those of you who are a part of the Animation Guild Union grants that cover portions of the class fee. Please visit our Tuition Aid page for details of the Animation Guild Union discounts and class coverage!

Courses range in lengths from six to ten weeks.

Technically no. However, we highly recommend that students refrain from taking on excessive course loads, and focus on taking no more than three courses at any one time.

Please submit your portfolio by completing the Portfolio Review Request form on any course page of the CGMA website, or by emailing your work to portfolios@cgmasteracademy.com. Along with a link to your portfolio or demo reel, be sure to include the following information: Is there a certain field you’re trying to gear your portfolio to? Which course(s) are you interested in taking? Share any additional notes about what you would like to gain from your training. Please allow 2-4 business days for a response to your portfolio review request (excludes weekends and holidays).


Tuition / Payment Policies

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Payment is needed in order to complete the enrollment process. Once the "Register" link for a particular CGMA Master Class has been pressed and all the information fields completed - you will be prompted for payment as the final step of the enrollment process.

We currently only accept payments through PayPal using any major credit card or personal bank account at this time. In order to pay  with your Credit Card, there is no need to have a paypal account. Qualifying students also now have the option to use paypal's "Paypal  credit" feature when registering for Master Classes and Workshops (it  will automatically show among all of our payment options in the  shopping cart). There will be 0% interest for the first 6 months if paid in full. CGMA qualifies to offer you the Paypal's "Paypal credit" feature, which is an exclusive offer from paypal a third party financial entity, please thoroughly familiarize with their terms and policies here.

Yes! We are now an approved partner of the Animation Guild CSATTF Skills Training Grant Program. Here are some basic requirements of the program: 

(*) You must complete a separate application for each class.

  1. Before you complete and submit these forms, contact CGMA to determine if the class you’re interested in is really what you’re looking for, if it will be available on a day and time when you can take it, and if you meet the prerequisites. It is important to remember that seats in CGMA Masterclasses are not reserved until tuition is paid. Class descriptions are available on the CGMA website here: Class Descriptions
  2. Once you have confirmed that the classes you want are available to you, fill out the attached forms. The entire application must be completed and submitted. Ignore all references on the forms to the “IATSE Basic Agreement” or the “online roster”.

(*) You will have to show proof of thirty days’ employment in the last two years at an employer signed either to a TAG collective bargaining agreement or an IATSE collective bargaining agreement under TAG’s jurisdiction.Non-union employment does not count. This typically takes the form of paycheck stubs that indicate the 30 days of union employment. If you are unsure about this step, contact Steve Kaplan (skaplan@animationguild.org) and ask for clarification BEFORE sending your application to CSATTF.

(*) CSATTF reimbursement forms can be found here: Grant Reimbursement Application.

(*) Reimbursement Guidelines:

  • The specific training course must have been pre-approved in advance, by CSATTF. Non-approved courses will not be reimbursed.
  • The entire course must be successfully completed in order to receive reimbursement; incomplete or unsuccessfully completed courses will not be reimbursed.
  • Complete one “Request for Reimbursement Form” per course.
  • The “Request for Reimbursement Form” must be completed and submitted with supporting documentation within 45 days after course completion date.
  • Request for reimbursements are subject to the “Reimbursement Policy,” set forth below.

You can review the full CSATTF grant application process here: The Animation Guild – Grant Reimbursement Program .

No. At this time we recommend that those in need of financial assistance seek personal/educational loans or participate in any available employee training reimbursement programs through their employers. Students can also explore Paypal’s “bill me later” feature offer among other methods of payment; for more information about this particular feature visit Paypal.

However, keep in mind that students pay only for the classes they take in a current term. Those students that take any of our full tracks such as Foundation & Design or Environment Arts benefit from studying under some of the best artists from the animation, film, and game industries without having to pay for the full track in advance.

Our payment method is through our merchant service provide, PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase classes, but you will need a valid debit/credit card and email address to complete payments. We do not offer payment plans, financial aid, scholarships or grants. Payments are accepted up front to confirm and complete class registration. 

The short answer is maybe. Current IRS publication 970 states that "If your education is not required by your employer or the law, it can be qualifying work-related education only if it maintains or improves skills needed in your present work. This could include refresher courses, courses on current developments, and academic or vocational courses." (pg 65) So in short, if you are a concept artist, visual development artist, or something of the like, then you may qualify for an education deduction. It is important to note that this paragraph is for informational purposes only and you should ALWAYS consult a tax professional before making tax related decisions. For more information about this particular section of IRS pub. 970 please visit the IRS website here: IRS pub 970.

eChecks are one type of bank payment and usually take 3-5* business days to process. (This time may vary based upon buyer's country) eChecks are used when buyers have not linked a backup payment source (like a debit or credit card) to their PayPal accounts, or when a transaction is too risky to allow an instant payment. 

The money is withdrawn from the buyer's bank within a day or two. As soon as PayPal receives confirmation of sufficient funds from the bank, they will deposit the money in our PayPal account. 

*NOTE: Bank processing times vary by the buyer's country. 


  • Australia: 3-5 business days
  • Brazil: 1-3 business days
  • Canada: 6-8 business days
  • France: 8-10 business days
  • UK: 5-7 business days

If none of these options work, please contact us by email at registration@cgmasteracademy.com so we can set up an appointment and do the transaction over the phone.

It’s really quite simple. Students who wish to split a single or multiple class purchase into two smaller installments can now do so using this feature. At the time of final purchase, students will be presented with the option to pay by “PayPal,” “Credit Card,” or through our new “Installments” option.

Only a two-part payment plan option is available at this time. The first half will be due immediately upon successful registration. The second half of the payment will be due approximately 4 weeks after your first payment. The second half of the installment payment will automatically be deducted from your payment source. Please check with our Finance Department (finance@cgmasteracademy.com) to find out exactly when your payments will be due, and please make sure that sufficient funds are available around those times to prevent a disruption in your enrollment process.

*Please note that any Payment Plan transactions that qualify for a refund are subject to our standard 5% processing fee.

Yes! All eligible Payment Plan transactions are refundable. Please see our Refund Policy tab above for more information about how refunds work at CGMA.

Please immediately write to 2d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com as soon as you become aware of this. Make sure to include...

“URGENT | Payment Plan Issue”

...in the subject. We will try our best to work with you on what options you can take in such situations.

Yes! We are currently working on additional payment plan options.

Please write to registration@cgmasteracademy.com with any questions you may have. Make sure to include “Payment Plan Inquiry” in the subject.


Refund Policy

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In general, there are no refunds for CGMA Master Classes. To obtain a full refund you must contact CGMA at least 5 days prior to the starting of the course. Regardless of the situation, a 5% processing fee is included in all transactions and will not be refundable. Remember that when you register for a class you hold a seat that cannot be purchased by somebody else once class starts - particularly in a class that is filled to capacity.

Nevertheless, here are some options we provide for CGMA students who may have special circumstances:

  • Request for class cancellation during the first week of a class could qualify for a refund, minus a 15% cancellation fee.
  • Request for class cancellation during the second week of a class prior its fifth day could qualify for a refund, minus a 20% cancellation fee. No refunds will be granted thereafter.
  • Request for a class transfer for the next term: transfers from one term to another may be allowed. However, an administrative fee equivalent to 10% of the course cost (before the discounted price, if applicable) will be implemented in order for the student to be confirmed in the next term enrollment. Transfers must be requested within the first week of the course. All transfer requests must be submitted within the same fiscal year the class(es) were purchased; otherwise, increased transfer fees will apply.

Should you be unable to fulfill your course obligations due ONLY to illness, personal tragedy, jury duty, or military deployment, please write to us at registration@cgmasteracademy.com with your name, title of enrolled course, and the nature of your problem, and we will determine your refund eligibility on an individual basis. Note that some documentation supporting your situation will be requested.

Ultimately, the decision to refund any amount will be made entirely at CGMA's discretion.

*Please note that any Payment Plan transactions that qualify for a refund are subject to our standard 5% processing fee.

In order for us to process your refund request, we will need the following.

  • The name of your course
  • The name of your instructor
  • The email address used at the time of enrollment to purchase the course

Alternatively, you can provide us with the Transaction ID# issued to you from PayPal (after you completed your purchase), and we can process your refund with this information. If you purchased more than one course under the same transaction, then make sure you still give us the name of your course and its instructor to ensure we refund the correct one to you. Again, all of the above assumes you qualify for a refund.

Any missing information will delay the processing of your refund request.


Class Policy

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With the exception of the Live Q&A, and a day for assignment submission set by your instructor starting the course, there will be no set class times. You can both review and complete your current week's lecture and assignments at your own pace. At the end of each week we will have access to next week's lectures.

We estimate 10-20 hours each week, depending on the type of class you are taking, your skill level, etc. However, we suggest students spend as much time as needed to properly complete and comprehend the week's assignment. Ultimately, this number will be different for each individual. Just make sure to allow enough time for assignment review and completion.

All course lectures are released as high quality video presentations- by a qualified instructor -that can be streamed through your browser. All other course content (i.e. individual critiques, Live Q&A's, forum post, etc.) is presented with a mixture of video and written formats.

In general, each student will get weekly feedback from the instructor- about their work and progress -on a central class forum. It is here that individual students and the instructor can engage in open dialog similar to that found in traditional classrooms.

Yes but instructors are not required to critique your personal projects. Only course related assignments can be submitted for critique by an instructor during a course program. All other work can be uploaded and critique by fellow classmates.

Absolutely! We in fact encourage this type of dynamic participation. It will give each student a sense of community beyond just instructor feedback, and will serve as a means of direct inspiration from your peers.

Since most all weekly assignment are interdependent (usually from the week before), it is essential that they are completed as assigned. Should any student not complete 80% of assigned work, he/she will not be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

Yes. All legal/major US holidays are observed.

All our course instruction is given in English and English only.

Each course is allowed a maximum of 20 students. This insures that every enrollee receives the proper amount of time attention per course session.

Yes and yes. Assignments will be assigned each week so that you can practice the skills and techniques covered in that lesson. Each assignment will take anywhere from six-to-eighteen hours to complete (depending on: the type of course, your skill level, the complexity of the work, etc). Upon completion and submission, your instructor will review your work and provide you with a personal in-depth critique, as well as a live Q&A session.

No, lecture videos are not available for download. Beginning Summer 2018, students will have one full year of streaming access after the end of your course.

Yes the lectures are 24 hour available for that week and will remain available for the length of the course as weeks go by, meaning for example: on week 4, you will have access to the lectures from week 1 through 4.

No - unfortunately we are unable to accommodate retroactive downloads at this time.


Class Requirements

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Both! All lectures are hosted video streams that work on all major OS platforms, and in all modern/up-to-date web browsers. As a rule, it is always helpful to have the latest version of the browser you are using to minimize any difficulties.

Beyond this, some courses do require students to have a particular software package. In these cases, please review the course description and requirements for specific details.

CGMA will provide technical support insofar as it relates to the operation of the CGMA website, the course forum software, and the transfer of course materials. We cannot assist with internet connection problems on the student's end, faulty hardware, or problems with a student's individual software package.

CGMA presumes that all students use legally licensed software packages and are able to receive any technical support that is supplied with the software.

Yes. Our courses are administered via video, text, and downloadable content. Each course has requirements that will be published before registration opens.


For smooth, interruption-free playback, we recommend a minimum download speed of 3 Mbps (6+ Mbps strongly recommended).

Microphone and webcams are not required to interact with an instructor. The default manner in which class interactions will take place is via text postings in the class forums and through our chat feature during our Live Q&A session. For all other requirements, please see above.

If you have any further questions regarding the Master Classes please feel free to email us at info@cgmasteracademy.com

System Requirements:

  • Processor:
    • AMD® / Intel® 2.4Ghz (dual core) or 3.5Ghz (single Core) processor
    • Atom processors 2.6 GHz (dual core)
    • ARM processors not supported
  • RAM: 2 gigabytes (GB) for 32-bit or 3 GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics: Must support DirectX 10 or higher
  • Nvidia® / ATi® cards having bare minimum 256MB Video RAM and core clock 600Mhz 
    • Recommended 1GB RAM and core clock 786Mhz or higher
    • Intel® HD Graphics 5000 or higher (Older models not supported)
  • Display resolution: 1024x768 minimum, Recommended 1440x1080 or higher.

Operating System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 or later
  • Mac OS 10.6 (2009) or later
  • Linux distro based on 3.0 kernel (2011) or later
  • Android 5.0 "Lollipop" or later
  • IOS 10 or newer

If you are on a shared connection managed by a network administrator (Dorm, workplace, common room in an apartment/condo) you will need to ensure that CGMA is permitted in their whitelist for you to load media content.

The CGMA website and services are optimized for the Chrome browser. While other browsers may work for accessing the site, Chrome is the only one that is officially supported.