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In partnership with the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) and the Animation Guild IATSE Local 839, CGMA courses qualify for tuition reimbursement through the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program.

Members can be any person who works in the motion picture, theatrical/stage, sound, and or supporting industries (i.e. producers, directors, technicians, basic crafts locals, etc.), and is a part of their associated labor organization. If you would like to find out if you qualify as a member, please call the CSATF at: 818.847.0040 Ext.1260, or visit there website.

CSATF is a non-profit organization that administers a variety of programs for the benefit of the motion picture and television industry. The Animation Guild is a labor organization that represents animation and visual effects artists.

This program, which is administered by the Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund (the "Fund") on behalf of entertainment industry employers, has been created to provide reimbursements to qualified members (or payments to vendors) for certain eligible approved training expenses that you incur in connection with your employment.

In order to participate in the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program, CGMA students- who are Fund members -will need to provide the Fund with substantiation or proof that you, in fact, incurred the expenses for which you are receiving reimbursement (or for which the Fund is making payments to vendors). Proof of tuition from CGMA courses consist of either a copy of your PayPal receipt or a Certificate of Completion for the course. This substantiation must be submitted to the Fund within a reasonable time after the expense is incurred.

If you would like to file for tuition reimbursement, please download, fill out the latest Vendor Provided Training Skills Training Application here.

All forms should be submitted directly to CSATF.

Via email:

In person or by mail to:

CSATF Attn: Skills Training
2710 Winona Avenue
Burbank, CA 91504            

By Fax:



If you have any questions, please call the CSATF at:  8 1 8 . 8 4 7 . 0 0 4 0    Ext. 1 2 6 0

CSATF Certified Courses

Here is the list of all CGMA courses with their CSATF Certified Training Program information. Please note that the grant will only cover 2/3rd's of the allowable amounts mentioned here.

2D1110 Perspective $699.00   3D5525 Rigging Techniques: Cartoon to Realistic $699.00
3D2210 Intro to Maya $998.00   2D3311 Fundamentals of Environment Design $699.00
2D1111 Dynamic Sketching 1 $699.00   3D5526 Advanced Matte Painting $699.00
3D2211 Introduction to Environment Art $998.00   2D3312 Environment Sketching for Production $699.00
2D1112 Dynamic Sketching 2 $699.00   3D5527 Biomedical Imaging in 3D $699.00
3D2212 Introduction to Zbrush $499.00   2D3313 Environment Design 1 $699.00
2D1113 Analytical Figure Drawing $699.00   3D5528 Environment Modeling $699.00
3D2213 Introduction to Marvelous Designer $499.00   2D3314 Environment Design 2 $699.00
2D1114 Animal Drawing $699.00   3D5529 2D Concept Art - Creature Design $599.00
3D2214 UE4 Modular Environments $998.00   2D3315 Visual Development for Animation $699.00
2D1115 Fundamentals of Design $699.00   3D5530 Rigging the Body $649.00
3D2215 Intro to Substance for Environments $499.00   2D3316 Matte Painting $699.00
2D1116 Environment Sketching $699.00   3D5531 Animation for Crowds $649.00
3D2216 Hair Creation and Styling $749.00   2D3317 Vehicle and Mech Design $699.00
2D1117 Digital Painting $699.00   3D5532 Advanced Environment Design for Film $649.00
3D5510 Body Mechanics $699.00   2D4411 2D Animation: Body Mechanics $699.00
2D1118 Fundamentals of Character Design $699.00   3D5533 Compositioning in NUKE $649.00
3D5512 Absolute Beginners $699.00   2D4413 Anatomy of Clothing $699.00
2D1119 The Art of Color and Light $699.00   3D5534 Creating and Styling CG Hair $649.00
3D5515 Scripting & Tool Dev. For Maya $699.00   2D4414 Character Illustration for Film $699.00
2D2210 Head Drawing and Construction $699.00   3D5536 Digital Figure Painting $599.00
3D5516 Lighting and Shading with Arnold for Maya $499.00   3D1110 Production Modeling $749.00
2D2211 Character Design for Animation $699.00   3D5537 NukeX, NukeStudio & Modo in Commercials $699.00
3D5517 Nuke Compositioning for 3D Artists $699.00   3D1111 Anatomy for Production $ $1,498.00
2D2212 Costume Design $699.00   3D5538 Environmental Texturing $649.00
3D5518 Concept Art: From 2D to 3D $699.00   3D1112 Animal Anatomy $749.00
2D2213 Character Design for Production $699.00   3D5539 Creating Comics: Drawing & Sketching $649.00
3D5519 Photogrammetry $499.00   3D1113 Creature Sculpting $749.00
2D2214 Storyboarding for Animation $699.00   3D5540 Animating Creatures $699.00
3D5520 Cloth Simulation $699.00   3D1114 Character Casting $ $1,498.00
2D2215 Art Direction for Character Designers $699.00   3D5541 3D Character Design $999.00
3D5522 Becoming a Better Artist $599.00   3D1115 Texturing $749.00
2D2216 Creature Design for Film $699.00   3D5542 Introduction to Environment Design for Film $649.00
3D5523 Character Facial Rigging for Production $699.00   3D1116 Texturing for Film/Cinematics $749.00
2D2217 Character Design for Film $699.00   3D5543 Asset Creation $699.00
3D5524 Intro to Digital Matte Painting $699.00   3D1117 Character Creation for Films/Cinematics $ $1,498.00
2D3310 Fundamentals of Architecture Design $699.00   3D5545 Creating Comics: Illustration & Composition $649.00
3D1118 Character Creation for Games $1,498.00   3D5546 Realistic Character Texture Painting in Mari $649.00