CGMA - Instructor Maciej Drabik

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Maciej Drabik

Concept Artist / Illustrator

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Instructor overview

I'm working as a freelance concept artist, illustrator and matte painter mostly for vfx and game dev companies. My main focus is realistic environment concept art. Favorite themes are ones involving sci-fi and surreal elements. I did concept art for lots of commercials and game cinematics like Metro Exodus or Dishonored. I also had a pleasure to help with some concept art for The Witcher Netflix series as well as other movies and tv shows. If not focused on clients work I'm doing a lot of personal illustrations and working on my graphic novel. Doing personal work is always very important to me. Not only because it helps to get new clients but mostly gives me opportunity to explore new techniques and ideas that wouldn't be possible in a tight deadlines of commercial projects environment.


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