Liane Cho Han

Liane Cho Han

Senior Storyboard Artist

Liane Cho Han is a Senior Storyboard Artist and Animator who graduated from the prestigious Les Gobelins animation school in Paris where he specialized in 2D animation.

After graduation he worked as a key animator on such films as Lucky Luke: Tous à L’ouest and The Illusionist, a 2D animation movie from Sylvain Chomet in Edinburgh for almost 2 years. He spent the following years as a Lead Animator on Zarafa, a project which would reunite the lead animators from The Illusionist in addition to 2D veterans animators like Bolhem Bouchiba, Patrick Delage and Yoshi Tamura from Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks.

As a storyboarder artist, Liane-Cho was offered to work on 3D features like Astérix: Le Domaine Des Dieux, and the Little Prince, directed by Mark Osborne (co-director of Kung Fu Panda) and the soon to be released Ballerina.

Liane Cho latest endeavor brought him to work as a storyboarder then as the head of animation on the highly acclaimed 2D animation movie, Long Way North.

Since then, Liane Cho has worked on multiple projects as a 2D animator or as a story artist for REEL FX, on their next feature, Wish Police, directed by the Spanish trio, Headless while promoting internationally Long Way North.


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