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Lucas Örström

Lucas Örström

Lucas Örström is a Concept Artist and Illustrator working in the entertainment industry. He is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, working full time as an in house Concept Artist for games, and freelance for various clients and projects.

CGMA Classes 


What is your educational background as an artist? What education/experience did you have coming into CGMA? Do you have professional experience?

I have always loved drawing and found my calling from the behind the scenes DVDs and art of books from Lord of the Rings. My first studies were in fine art for a fundamental year in "Edsvik Konstskola", in Stockholm. After finishing my traditional art year I took off to Singapore to study entertainment design in FZD. After a very challenging year, I landed my current job, and started my first CGMA class a few months later. I have been working professionally since 2013.

Why did you decide to take CGMA classes?

I had a foundation in art and design, but I needed to refine my skills and workflow. CGMA had many courses with great teachers to help me do just that.

What classes did you take and why did you choose them?

I chose to take Character Illustration for Film, because my knowledge in rendering and anatomy was lacking and Björn Hurri is an artist that I look up to and wanted to learn from. I also chose to take Matte painting with Anthony Eftekhari because of his impressive portfolio and list of projects and I wanted to complement my workflow with solid photo integration and manipulation. Lastly I took Environment Design 1 and 2, with Aaron Limonick and Christopher Lee, because of their experience. I needed to refine my environment workflow and be able to art direct myself better when designing environments.

How did taking classes help you refine your craft and help you along your artistic journey?

Besides refining my workflow and giving me more tools to work with, the classes really boosted my observational skills and improved my rendering and design thinking.


What was your first big gig and how did you get it?

My first job was on "Helldivers" at Arrowhead Game Studios, where I currently work, but my first big gig was on our other game "Gauntlet". I was responsible for almost all of the 2D work for that game from UI, icons, logos and in game textures to illustrations and concepts. They had a massive amount of 2D art that needed to be done for the game before release, but no dedicated 2D artist. It was a lot of fun :)

Why would you recommend CGMA to another artist?

Because learning from senior industry professionals, getting critique and feedback on your work, is an invaluable boost for many artists.

Why is having professional feedback important to you?

Because whenever I get a paintover on work that I have been struggling with for hours by a senior, correcting my mistakes that I couldn't see at the time, with verbal feedback to complement it, I get a big "AHA!" experience. When my eyes know what to look for, my drawing hand can follow suit. Feedback is so important because it helps you to see more than you did before.

What was your inspiration to creating a specific character?

"The Baron", a character I did for Björns class at CGMA, was influenced by art from some of my favourite franchises: Warhammer, Lord of the Rings and Dead Space. Materials and design details were referenced from photos of real world objects and people.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

A big thank you to CGMA for hosting these classes at an affordable price and a huge thank you to all of my past teachers! I owe you big time.

We would like to thank Lucas for sitting down with us and sharing the CGMA experience. To see more artwork you can visit Lucas's artstation website at