Artist highlight

Natalia Babiy

What is your background as an artist? What educational experience/background did you have coming into CGMA? Do you have professional experience?

I studied fine art in Art School but I was a big fan of Star Wars so I was super interested in concept art and after finishing school I started to work in a small game company as a concept artist for video games. For the few last years I chose to spent more time as a freelancer so I could have a little bit more time for learning.

Why did you decide to take CGMA classes?

I decided to take classes because I always wanted to improve my art skills and I was looking for an education with a good structure.

What classes did you take and why did you choose them?

I took several classes from a Foundation and Design program it was great for my fundamental skills and now I moved to Environments.

How did taking classes help you refine your craft and help you along your artistic journey?

First of all classes helped me to answer a lot of questions that I had about art like what design or composition actually is, how to create my personal work flow, how to use color, value, perspective and many more. It's like I was given a map to the treasure island:)

What was your first big gig and how did you get it?

I was given an opportunity to create a cover art for Radical Comics it was such a great feeling to see my work printed.

Why would you recommend CGMA to another artist?

I'd recommend CGMA because it’s really works for me it gives strong fundamental knowledge and it's such a great fun. You can learn from the best artists and valuable things that you can use in your professional work immediately.

Why is having professional feedback important to you?

It's so important when instructor can guide you, can show you weak spots and explain how to move to another level more quickly and efficiently.

What was your inspiration to creating a specific character?

"Mech for fishing" after a simple walk with my friend. It was peaceful quite evening near the sea and I thought how I can mix this relaxing mood with Mecha or Robot (I really like draw such stuff) and an idea came almost instantly.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to thank CGMA for a place that you created for artists. I can learn here, I can meet cool artist  from different parts of the planet. It's such a great sensation when you can be at QA with classmates from all over that world. I improved my skills for the time that I spent with CGMA and also I found so many friends. THANKS!!!

We would like to thank Natalia for sitting down with us and sharing the CGMA experience. To see more artwork you can visit Natalia's artstation website at