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Patrick Jones


Patrick J. Jones is an award winning artist, author and teacher. He has worked as a concept artist and book illustrator for most major companies and his work has featured in major U.S. exhibitions, both in NYC and Pennsylvania. His oil paintings and drawings reside in private collections worldwide.

Patrick is the author of two best selling art technique books: ’Sci-fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques' and ‘The Anatomy of Style detailing his figure drawing methods. His third book, ‘The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art of Patrick J. Jones’, has just been released from Korero Press. His latest book on figure drawing, ‘Figures from Life’, will be released in early 2018.

The Anatomy of Style: ‘Few art of anatomy books boast quite as much awe inspiring style and originality as this one from fantasy artist and teacher - Patrick J Jones!’
***** Artist’s Choice Five Star Gold Award!: ImagineFX Magazine

Sci-fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques: ‘...I can’t say enough here--his work reminds me at times of Jose Segrelles, one of the very finest fantasy illustrators ever...His work is AMAZING!’
Bud Plant’s Art Books

“Luscious color! That’s the first thing I think when I see one of Patrick’s paintings. Then my eyes roam around and see the silky skin of the characters, the intricate design work of their ornamentation.” —Julie Bell, Multi award winning artist

"Patrick is a phenomenal artist, equally versed in both traditional and digital methods." —Dan Dos Santos, Multi award winning artist

‘His technique is impeccable…’
Boris Vallejo, Multi award winning artist

The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art of Patrick J. Jones: ‘Another standout, with muscular digital and oil paintings that will be appreciated by fans of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. ’LOCUS


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Figure Drawing Anatomy of Style

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