Visual Development Mentorship

  • Price: $849 | Pay with installments.
  • Pre-Reqs: Completing all classes of Foundation & Design Program
  • Materials: photoshop - wacom tablet

Course Description:

This course was previously named Portfolio Development.

Student’s fortunate enough to take our newly updated Visual Development Mentorship class will have the rare opportunity to work directly with an industry veteran Visual Development Artist- Armand Serrano.

During this course Armand will help students choose a focused path of study based on their current skill level and overall artistic direction/pursuits. Through one-on-one mentoring through a series of group sessions, students will begin to further explore more advance rendering/construction techniques along with other applied foundation principles. In order to successfully participate and enroll into this course, students are required to have either completed the majority of the 2D Foundation & Design Program Track, or submit a strong 2D foundation/design portfolio. The certificate of completion for this class will be validated directly by the instructor.

You must request approval in order to register for this course. You must provide a portfolio (link to your website, pdf or as an attachment) to the following email address:

The portfolio will be reviewed by the instructor and he will determinate admission into the course. One we notify you of approval you can move forward purchasing the course. Failure to registering without authorization will result into being removed from the course. We also recommend that you have completed CGMA foundation or environment design program prior to taking this course.

The format of this class will consist of weekly live lecture/feedback sessions and will be recorded for later viewing by students.

For more information about date and time of live sessions, please contact

Course Format: Custom 
Length: 8 weeks
Lectures, Feedback and QandA: All during live group sessions each week. (sessions are recorded no need to be present in order to receive feedback)
Assignment: Ongoing work each week.

Visual Development Mentorship

  • Week 1: Introduction: Personal artwork compilation. Analyzing artistic paths. Designing a path of action: Style and subject matters. The importance of knowing your target audience.
  • Week 2: Follow up on path of action: Style and subject matters.
  • Week 3: Creating new artwork vs refining current work:​ The importance of effective workflow (time management).
  • Week 4: The importance of consistency: Achieving cohesiveness through your artwork.
  • Week 5: Exploring techniques that will aid personal artistic development.
  • Week 6: Exploring techniques that will aid personal artistic development.
  • Week 7: Exploring techniques that will aid personal artistic development.
  • Week 8: Exploring techniques that will aid personal artistic development, and final artwork presentation and lecture.

April 27th 2018 - June 30th 2018 + 4 weeks of content review

Armand Serrano has served over two decades in the animation industry working on a number of films. He is currently a Visual Development artist at Walt Disney Animation. In his CGMA course,you will be exposed to the many methods he uses to achieve believable and creative environments through sketching, for production.

Instructor's gallery:

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