Fundamentals of Design

Fundamentals of Design

  • Price: $699 | Pay with installments.
  • Pre-Reqs: Dynamic Sketching 2
  • Materials: Photoshop (any), Wacom tablet or equivalent

Course Description:

Design pertains to nearly everything. From composition and lighting to the shapes of our character to the vehicles they travel in. As artists, creatives’ and designers, we need be responsible for all these aspects. Good design involves proper planning and organizing in addition to the having the knowledge of the visual design principles to construct it. Over the next 8 weeks there will be lectures on all core design principles as well techniques and approaches of implementing them. Along the way we will learn to create our own style guide, become our own art directors and design some world building, propagating our design aesthetics.

Course Format: Standard
Length: 8 Weeks.
Lectures: Pre-Recorded each week
Assignment: Deadlines each week.
Feedback: Individual recorded.
QandA: Once a week
*For classes with less than 6 students feedback may be provided during the live QandA session.

  • Week 1:A look at the design process, thinking forms and function. We look at how Unity binds and holds a cohesive design together. The demonstration and assignment involves deconstructing the complex and building from simplification. 
  • Week 2:Apply labels and defining design parameters. Then using such labels to design basic props applying the additive and subtractive transformations. These all tie into the core concepts of Shape Design. The demonstration and Assignment covers shape design from cues students will be tasked with creating 3 pages of designs using based off primitive shapes.
  • Week 3:Focuses on the importance of research and reference.  The design principle discussed is Scale and Proportion.The demonstration starts our course long discussion of selecting a mini project and designing a building exterior for our story.
  • Week 4:Shapes are brought up again in a lecture on style and designing guides to work with our selected project. Then we take a look at Balance and Rhythm and how these elements are another tool to arrange compositions and sequences.For the demonstration and assignment proportion we will look at creating props for our environment world from week 3.
  • Week 5:The key principle examined is emphasis and focal points. How to make our designs stand out and “pop!” and what questions should we consider asking ourselves to design scenes that have narrative in their structure.the Demonstration portion shows Creating a scene from multiple design references in addition to utilizing our style guides.
  • Week 6:Illusion of space is explored as well as the techniques used for balanced lighting on narrative designs. Devices for depth are explored in a lecture showcases the different tonal keys through examples of movie stills and master paintings.The demonstration and assignment portion cover mid range tonal paintings and pushing for specific narratives.
  • Week 7:Mind mapping creating an organized list of items based on function and story cues for design details. Pattern and texture and then examined in bringing our details to life. The demonstration and assignment video shows students techniques utilized sketching for production as we design an interior setting to our world.
  • Week 8:Photobashing: A concluding lecture on the remaining principles Line and shape.  We see at a basic level this core technique can be used at micro and macro levels of design to flesh our ideas out.The Demonstration video shows a few standard techniques for vehicle design to use for our stories.

April 27th 2018 - June 30th 2018 + 4 weeks of content review

Tyler Edlin has been working professionally for 7 years bringing his passion to commercial products such Fall From Heaven and the Therion Saga as well as Tinkerbells Fairies Chivalry: Medieval Warefare. Tyler has worked with studios including Disney Interactive, Hitpoint Studios, Paizo Publishing, StarDock Industries, and more.

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