Welcome to CGMA!

First, we would like to welcome you to our fantastic online academy!  To begin participating in our online digital art courses, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Get Familiar with our Classes - Take a few moments and familiarize yourself with all our many course offerings. For all master classes, we provide a course description and outlines of each weekly lesson. You can also choose a class based on any of our program guided tracks.
  2. Ask Questions - Want more information about a particular course? Need help with portfolio reviews, pre-requisites, instructors etc.? Just ask! Our student advisor team will handle the rest. You can reach them at: 2d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com.
  3. Get on the Waiting List - Once you have a better understating of which class you would like to take, join that class's waiting list and receive registration exclusive reminders.
  4. REGISTER -  Once the registration period begins, make sure to register for your class(es) as soon as possible by paying for the class. Classes tend to sell out quickly, and you can only enroll and pay for classes during one of our special registration periods.

Registration Periods

We run four registration periods a year. They all precede, and coincide with, each of our seasonally based terms. Please check out when these take place on our Academic Year Calendar page.

Winter term
Winter term

Starts: 2nd week of Feb.

Ends: 2nd week of April

Registration Available on: Mon. Oct 23rd, 2017 - Fri. Feb 2, 2018

Spring term
Spring term

Starts: Last week of April

Ends: 1st week of July

Registration Available on: Mon. Feb 12th - Fri. April 27, 2018

Summer term
Summer term

Starts: 4th week of July

Ends: 4th week of Sept.

Registration Available on: Mon. May 8th - Fri. July 21st 2017

Fall term
Fall term

Starts: 3rd week of October

Ends: 3rd week of Dec.

Registration Available on: Mon. Jul 31st - Fri. Oct 13, 2017

Signing up and Paying for your class

Once our registration payment portal is opened, you can check out all classes available for signup. Simply select the class you want to take, fill out our registration form (if you are a new student), and proceed to checkout! It’s that simple. 

PayPal is our exclusive merchant service provider. When you’re asked which payment method you would like to use, you can both sign into PayPal and pay with your PayPal account, or you can just pay with your credit/debit card or e-check without having to sign into or have a PayPal account. Just make sure to look for these payment options on the payment page.

Additionally, students who wish to split a single or multiple class purchase into two smaller installments, can now do so using this our new Payment Plan feature. At the time of final purchase students will be presented with the option to pay by either: “PayPal,” “Credit Card,” or through our new “Installments” option. Since this is a new feature, we will only allow a two-part payment plan for now. The first half will be due immediately upon successful registration. The second half of the payment will be due no later than ten days before classes open. The second half of the installment payment will automatically be deducted from your payment source ten days before classes open.

For more information about payment process and options click here.

Finalizing Account Details

All students will receive a PayPal payment confirmation email once your payment has been completed. If you are a new student you will also receive a separate email from the CGMA system with classroom credentials (which is your last confirmation step). Should you not receive any of these notifications in your primary inbox, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER before contacting us. Otherwise, please write us at: 2d.registration@cgmasteracademy.com if you experience any troubles with class payment confirmation notifications or missing login credentials.

For all returning students, please use your existing credentials (your account details will not be resent then). From there, you should be able to access your student profile page.